About Us

Our Company

Alquis was launched in 2013, is Bicester’s one of the first marketing agency helping local businesses establish their website. From the begging with the first case studies given to us we’ve built from scratch business ideas from the name to the final project. Proving each time without remorse the success that our clients asked. It started as a team of two trying to built their own dream digital marketing agency among others. K. Zoga Founder of Alquis states “Our aim is to deliver results, when we built this company we focused on hard work and not the place nor the big labels, honesty and hard work is what remains at the end of each day. Let’s not forget that the biggest concerts started from small towns”.

Our values

Alquis finds very important transparency and the organic way of promoting websites. Immediate access to our data base list of  statistics at any point in time during the day even from the comfort of your home, will build an trustworthy relationship between client and our company. We take our job seriously. Standing by those values we guarantee an smooth and long lasting partnership.

Our SEO Expertise

Our group shares the same passion for marketing, the same levels of enthusiasm also the same hunger for performance, that inspires and thrives great results.

K. Zogka

K. Zogka

Founder & CEO

BS in Marketing, Communications, PR and Advertising from B.C.A College in partnership with London Metropolitan University. Has over 6 years experience in P.R. Very soon to discover that online marketing holds the future. She funded Alquis to help businesses grow financially by investing in digital marketing.

S. Bushnaq

S. Bushnaq

Multilingual Marketing Manager

BS in business and administration from University of Cambridge. Highly ethical and persist character, with established business network in Middle East. Linguistically devoted she decided to change her work profile to PR and digital marketing. Being the specialist to Arabic language.

M. White

M. White

SEO and PCC Manager

Is graduated for Oxford Brooks University  – Digital Marketing. He initiated and develop marketing strategies to build unique and successful marketing campaigns. His long term experience in web development masters the technique aspects of each project.

Our services

With our experience in marketing field for almost five years now, we follow a very strict protocol that it is been tested in time and we are positive that will bring the desirable results throwout the process. Overpowering all our services and tools making in-depth research, over-analysing, brainstorming and making decisions in time it has never failed us. The tools that we use to achieve success and organic grow for our clients are the following.

Search Engine Optimisation

Using the right words to represent your brand to the public eye is by helping search engines capture and recognise your website from a very large amount of global information. With our experience we will help search engines to help you come first.

Content Marketing

Alquis stand by quality and not quantity. Content Optimisation is using the digital formats and best vocabulary possible to describe and represent our clients vision and product to the public.


Alquis team specialises in multilingual marketing, mother-tongue expects will “optimise’ your website and help you succeed in new markets. We eliminate failure our man-hand  supervision of each project without it being handled by “Google translator”. We speak Arabic, Italian, Greek, Polish, Chinese.

SEO Consulting

In Alquis we will go throw several meetings with you, asking you questions, analysing data and strategies. By doing so we minimise errors only because they are great deal of time consume. We will then make a few potential samples from which we will choose together whats fits your needs and expresses the brands ideals, culture and spirit.

Data Analysis

Data analysis helps the company to be aware of the brands exact positioning. By knowing that allows us to understand whether an aggressive or more conservative strategy is suited best and must be followed by the guidance of the company.

SEO Strategy

As the word it self suggests we have to filter each word used on the website. Doing so we increase chances of that very website to be visible in search engines results. We have various tested procedures which we managed to master throwout this years. Your website has to appear and stan out from the rest of the websites out there and we help you to realise just that.

Let’s Work Together!

Every week, we provide a free and non-obligated consultancy to our potential clients. While collaborating on mutual ideas to respond to hugely diverse clients needs, across a whole host of sectors, You can get a large amount of information and we can estimated your needs.