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Conquer new markets

When you start to consider multilingual digital marketing as a new channel shift, it quickly becomes obvious that getting a new customers from the new growing market is more effective then compete on old markets.

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to challenge

  • Sale diversification

The world today, with its increasing globalisation, makes it easier, faster and more efficient for business. However, despite the uniformity economies, it is not possible to talk about the homogenisation of cultures, which are still in large part separate, autonomous whole. Awareness of cultural differences and their respect and consideration in business is a necessary condition for achieving market success and effectively reaching local customers.

Every marketing team dedicated to foreign activities must have high intercultural competencies. Not only do they protect the company from the mistakes and cultural inadequacy of its business, but they will build added value and competitiveness on an international scale.

A very important element of communication is, of course, language. A significant part of the cultural misunderstandings in advertising is attributable to localization errors (adaptation of the language to the relevant market). In addition to the awkwardness stemming from the literal translation of slogans and other content texts, the problem lies in the meaning of the words, which in different languages may have different, sometimes inappropriate and inappropriate associations. The car manufacturer Ford has suffered a failure by introducing in Spain a model called Fierra, where Fierra in Spanish means an ugly, old woman. In turn, the Japanese company Mitsubishi had to withdraw from the Spanish market the name Pajero, which is definitely an autoerotic connotation in Spanish. As a result of the error, the ad slogan Pepsi-Cola “Ożyj of Pepsi” translated into German took the form of “uprisings from the tomb along with Pepsi”. General Motors launches Japanese car Opel Astra decided to change the name of this model, because Astra is a popular in Japan margarine. The legend of the British automotive industry-Rolls-Royce has tried to promote the German model of a luxury car called Mist. In English, the word is fog, but in German it means manure. The American brand Chevrolet Nova unwittingly informed in this way Spanish buyers that…. this car actually does not work (no VA-in Spanish means “not going”).

The international digital marketing remains the domain of foreign companies, with a special focus on the position of US companies in this respect. Americans have the longest and deepest tradition of building international enterprises and gaining a competitive edge in global markets. Also, the practice of the following examples, as you will notice, in a significant part regards the companies from this country.