Search Engine Optimisation

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

– Wendy Piersall

Specialism in search engine optimisation

We bring more clients to your website from any other online source. Our team of SEO experts has unique skills,knowledge and proven mythology of internet marketing will attract more visitors and costumers into your website. Almost 92% of users prefer to redefine their query to a search engine than to go to the 2nd visible page of search results, quickly realise how enormous potential is hidden in good, sustainable results SEO.

  • Preliminary SEO technical audit
  • SEO optimisation and copywriting.
  • Qualitative link-building.

Do you need SEO ?

Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of online digital marketing. More brands are increasingly entering the Internet, willing to invest in the SEO platform clearly shows the popularity and “must-have” factor of SEO very well. SEO would allow your customers to find you when they actively search for the product / service you are providing. Website optimisation process should bring a link to your business the first page of all leading search engines. Our aim is to bring targeted traffic to your website ant then convert potential leads to sale opportunities. Website optimisation is a complex process that is tailored for every project individually. However, we highlight the main stages of optimisation.

Analysis and strategy

Alquis starts cooperation by examining the current state of your website. Audit will focus on website design, server performance and published content. Only this way can we determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Then we will conduct a website upgrade project-plan that will be followed and tested. Our SEO professionals will raise the issues of which areas are lacking interest by providing market analysis in your industry, examine competition and build a potential customer profile. Each analyse is been thought through and built according to our clients individually. It’s crucial to discover the user intentions and phrases that customers pass to reach the offer.

Website code optimisation

We will analyze your website from the technical side, we will examine, among others code, URLs, metatags, content structure for building topic silos, internal linking, navigation scheme, speed of operation and other potential limitations of visibility in search engines .

This is a strictly technical and strategic work that gives us the basis for further actions in the field of positioning. You can be sure that our experts who have done it hundreds of times know how to build effective SEO recommendations for positioning.

In addition, you will receive from us a set of recommendations for improving the functionality and usability of the website in terms of conversion optimization . This will increase the profit from your campaigns – the majority of visitors will be your clients.

Content positioning

Expanding the content of the page into new texts, optimised for positioning, is the only safe and effective way to add to the phrase page. At the same time, content is a value for users who receive high-quality descriptions of products, categories, expert articles and guide articles.

The phrases themselves are not enough. Google evaluates websites in terms of usability for users , which is why the unique, interesting and exhaustive content on the site is so important. We implement topics that are often searched, thus educating your potential customers.

The thematic consistency of the content is also important, which is why based on the matrix of phrases prepared as part of the website’s positioning process, we develop the extension that makes it easier for Google to determine the subject matter of your website.

Link building

The construction of a valuable profile of incoming links in the page positioning process is one of the most important ranking factors of the Google search algorithm.

We will prepare an audit of the current profile of incoming links and we will build an effective and safe strategy for its extension . We diversify the number, speed and variety of obtained links, constantly caring about their high quality and thematic linking the surrounding content of the link with the content to which it leads. You can be sure that our experts will naturally and securely obtain high-quality links to your site, effectively increasing its popularity.

We focus not only on customers who use the Google search engine, that’s why we care about the presence of your company also in social media, on forums and in company catalogs . This strategy has a double benefit – it is easier to reach users and get valuable links coming to your website.

Growing brand awareness

Growing brand awareness – the greater the visibility of your business on the Internet, the better your brand awareness, and therefore your trust in your business. All this translates directly into the recommendation of the company on the Internet and in this way creates a natural link to the site.

Conversion optimisation

As part of the website positioning, you receive a valuable conversion optimization service from us.

We focus on optimising conversions and gradually increasing Return on Investment (ROI). Our goal is to generate as much sales as possible within the budget of campaigns.

As part of the conversion optimisation, we make changes to the design, structure and content of the website, as well as ongoing modifications to marketing campaigns . The goal is to use the potential of traffic to the site and generate as many conversions as possible.


Efficiency – positioned in combination with a well-designed web page gives you a guarantee of high conversion. A customer who will be able to navigate intuitively and find exactly the product he is looking for is a highly likely profit.

Proven Results

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“I have been working with alquis for the past couple of months in getting my Website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn setup and running campaigns for my business. Still, today, everything is running according to the plan we laid out in the beginning. These guys knew what they were doing. They’re good. And they’re inventive. They keep in touch with me regarding getting things setup and then, keeping the all channels updated and traffic moving to them. I would highly recommend this company for all of your digital marketing needs!”

Dimitrijs Bogdanovs

Founder, at DMFences

Let’s Work Together!

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