Content Marketing

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

– Andrew Davis

Content is King

Content marketing is a fairly “new” term in the internet marketing industry. It consists primarily of building a company’s image by publishing valuable and useful content to users. Content Marketing provides there major factors that will intensify the sales opportunities:

  • Building a brand image online,
  • Creating an expert image in the industry,
  • Increasing sales intensity

Content Marketing strategy

Content Marketing is creating and sharing online material. Is a powerful force in acquiring new clients and customers. Content marketing strategy demands to publish good quality and useful content that allows to reach your general audience. At the same time, we narrowing down to the target group we’ve identified.
Content campaigns allows you to build long-term relationships with your audience through such forms as: blogs, videos, articles , social media posts and webinars, which must be accurate and professional. In contrast to other forms of marketing, content marketing is the most initiated and affective strategy. It encourages responses from recipients who, for example, get involved or reply or give us important feedback.

Content Marketing benefits

Good content translates into the natural growth of the page position in the search engine. The task of content marketing is not only the popularisation of the brand. Furthermore is about increasing visibility on search engines results. The content is distributed through various channels. Particularly important are social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. When content marketing is executed professionally then we successfully achieved two tasks visibility on search engines and loyal relationship with our clients.

Content Marketing process

In the purpose of the efficient content marketing in the process of building the brand image and positioning, we develop content marketing in several stages:

Search and development

Event the most advanced copywriting skills don’t guarantee valuable descriptions. We consume a lot of time collecting information about your company, its industry and competitors. We will analyse the content of your existing website and its statistics. Based on this data and the needs of your audience we will create an accurate action plan. This plan will set up the frequency of publications and determine the topics of the content.

Furthermore, we provide a linguistic profiling. This process allows to determine phrases and topics of the content that currently enhance your target group and enjoy great interest in the network.

Content creation

Every website aims to release its business goals in unique way. This indicate the length, the complicity and the exposition of the content. Created context must to correspond with your business profile. Depending on this factors, we can deliver:

  • descriptions of categories and products for the online store
  • proposal texts about the sales
  • expert and advisory articles
  • infographics
  • attractive movies (video content)

If there is content on your page already. We can make a necessary modifications, so that they will also meet the goals of positioning and conversion optimisation. Most often, it consists in expanding the content, adding crucial phrases and rebuilding graphics.

Content distribution

Alquis SEO team with their efforts making frequent content will attract the right audience. All actions taken are measured by analytical tools. All concentrated analysis will indicate the strong points and less effective once on the project. Highlighting the effects we run promotions or other forms of social media trends.

Let’s Work Together!

Every week, we provide a free and non-obligated consultancy to our potential clients. While collaborating on mutual ideas to respond to hugely diverse clients needs, across a whole host of sectors, You can get a large amount of information and we can estimated your needs.