Pay-per-click advertising

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

– Jeff Eisenber

Efficiency in PCC management

Alquis main priority is to collect as much information possible of the the brands vision,plans and expectations along side their story with PPC campaigns in the past.Our PPC team members will create an campaign focused on different keywords aiming to increase the click through rate of ads and leads to the page.Thanks to this we are able to direct a lot more valuable traffic to the client’s website. We determine the best position for your ad to appear, which is a compromise between your redirect price and the most effective position for your ad to appear.

  • PPC Campaigns
  • Keyword
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Sales growth

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are a form of advertising that is based on a model of buying places in specially created systems, usually made available by search engines, of which the most popular is Google. Anyone who uses the search engine returns results as a list of pages and lists of ads that match the phrase.

Google AdWords is currently one of the smartest and most effective advertising systems for online advertising campaigns. Google AdWords offers the following solutions:

  • Search advertising,
  • Advertise on mobile devices,
  • Display graphic,
  • Dynamic marketing,
  • Product ads,
  • Video Advertising,
  • Advertise in Gmail.

Search advertising

Proper selection of the above mentioned solutions allows to reach the potential customers effectively with full control of the budget and efficiency of advertising activities.Contextual advertising allows you to promote not only search results, but also outside of them, on pages that display ads for your system. For this reason, its range is very wide. Due to the fact that it is not yet widely used by companies, using such an option may prove to be a great competitive advantage.

Google AdWords and Google Analytics

With the advanced knowledge of Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified professionals, we are able to increase the effectiveness of PPC campaigns by up to tens of %. Always before working on optimizing the campaign, we set the most important indicators/objective of the campaign together with the client. Depending on your goals, we are able to minimise empty entry, reduce your campaign costs, create new keyword combinations that directly will the quality of your website traffic and increase your conversions.

PPC campaigns efficiency

By appropriately selecting words in the content of advertising, we minimise the so-called “accidental entry” i.e., visits to the website which do not bring any added value-which do not have the desired effect. We take action to return on investment (ROI) by analysing each keyword’s performance separately. We analyse purchasing processes, we measure conversion of individual content of advertising. For large campaigns, the audit may be combined with an experimental change in one of the campaigns to check the ad group’s reorganization assumptions or pricing strategies. Then, taking into account the results of these studies, we maximise sales.

Pay-per-click generating you new costumers.

Alquis has to make sure that our clients get the best returns on investments with our campaigns. Experts make sure that all the ad used in our campaigns win the spot by testing click through rates and conversions rates. Otherwise they have to replace the underperforming once with effective new ads. Each individual banner or link is selected carefully and placed with wisdom having in mind the target location and the target audience.

Let’s Work Together!

Every week, we provide a free and non-obligated consultancy to our potential clients. While collaborating on mutual ideas to respond to hugely diverse clients needs, across a whole host of sectors, You can get a large amount of information and we can estimated your needs.