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Create a responsive website on WordPress

A website is a must for all types of business today. It is no different in the accounting industry. Despite this, many accounting firms, especially smaller ones that have been operating their business for a long time, still have no or outdated website, which has long been unmodified and built based on obsolete technologies.

Web Design

Responsive web design

The customer previously had a website, but it was only a basic showcase, long unmodified, not adapted to mobile devices and low-positioned.

The client runs a business in Bicester, is a accounting company with many years of experience in servicing both companies and individual clients. Because the previous page was not suitable for modification, we decided to build a new site from scratch. For this purpose we used the most popular engine for building a website – WordPress. Thanks to this, the website is easy to edit, adapted to mobile devices and also thanks to constant updates – safe.

The client asked for a simple, user-friendly website in muted, bright colours. On this basis, we chose the appropriate theme, which we adjusted according to her wishes.

Based on the interview, analysis of activities and content from the previous site, the marketing department created content for the website that customer accepted.

The developer team then created the architecture of the site, divided into categories of cases conducted by the client, the way of moving between categories, communication with clients using the form and widgets, and advice from the website’s accountant.

Web Design with us in Bicester

We love to design a website with our customer. This is a wonderful opportunity to enrich project and create interface tailored to customer expeditions. Visit our web design sub page and learn how we can design your web pages together in the heart of Oxford.

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