Social Media Marketing

“The whole point of social media is continuity and continual engagement.”

– Clara Shih Founder Hearsay Social

Powerful social media marketing

Alquis specialises in social media marketing,our experts understand and observe the markets trends and needs but also differences on a international scale, if our clients want to expand their business. We will select the right amount of information to construct an social media marketing strategy by researching the market, planning and delivering the right content.
Important to us is combining the brands vision and plan with the general mass needs of the market. By doing so we will achieve the maximum engagement of brand-clients relationship and awareness.

  • Creative content & social media marketing strategies
  • Engagement/ involvement of costumers
  • Website visibility into search engines
  • New costumers/ Future sales

Social media benefits

Social media have a dominate impact in our lives, 88% of Internet users have an account on Facebook, globally Facebook uses are over 1.8 billion people worldwide and the percentage of shares on other channels is increasing.
Images speak more than words, especially in the 21st century. That’s why Instagram gets more and more popular escalating into 300 million usurers overcoming Twitter usurers. Youtube being the second most popular search engine globally after Google leading first. LinkedIn and Pinterest or other social platforms upcoming last into the media channels.
This major impact is reflected into companies numbers and sales since the brands reputation or popularity or visibility depends on social media. Clearly your businesses representation in this area has to be handled by professionals and experts. We help businesses moderate discussions and create a brand image that meets business goals and campaign performance metrics. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are the channels that millions of people communicate every day around the world. Research shows that Social Media is now also one of the most important sources of information about the world. That is why they are a good tool for communicating with clients. For a modern business, they are one of the most important sources of interaction with the target audience.By communicating with your customers through social media, you need to be always online. It is not just about uploading creative posts, but most of all about constant monitoring of fan activity

Social media strategy

The scope of activities in keeping a company profile on Social media platforms:

  • Preparation of an appropriate communication strategy on which all published content will be based
  • Providing fresh and creative content,
  • Responding to emerging comments – conducting discussions with recipients

Our philosophy is to create and generate an optimised content that reflects all the good qualities and values for the brand highlighting the benefits and the profits of the clients making them merge with our costumer journey built and strong name and position of the brand.
Comments to be answered, updates to be published-all this requires constant supervision, which is why you should entrust your profile to experts.Image crisis, launch of new product, rebrand, merger. These are just some situations that require professional communication with the audience, based on transparent, well-prepared communications. A smoothly developed communication strategy allows you to quench the media storm or… it does a noise when you need it. A helpful tool to create PR activities is the Internet and social media.
Appropriately prepared messages, creative photos-This is a way to insulate the brand image and move to another level of interaction with the audience. The presence on Facebook today is a necessity for companies that want to grow and strengthen their position on the market. Make your brand visible in social media. Alquis offers cooperation on a high level conducting complex activities.

Price of Social media advertisement

Social media platforms are a newer way of advertisement with huge potential for small or larger companies. Including that social media marketing is the cheapest form of promoting and positioning the brand to the public eye. As such perhaps other forms of advertising may be high cost values and lower profits overall. When a data-driven approach, a well thought out strategy and focus on the potential target group of interest returns as a far better results than gigantic financial outlay for advertising.
Social Media are an integral part of each brand’s image strategy. Eighty eight percent of Internet users have an account on Facebook and the percentage share of other channels is steadily increasing. Confronting the universality of Social Media in our lives with its pricing availability as a medium application can only be one – your business needs its representation in this area. We help businesses moderate discussions and create a brand image that meets business goals and campaign performance metrics.

Let’s Work Together!

Every week, we provide a free and non-obligated consultancy to our potential clients. While collaborating on mutual ideas to respond to hugely diverse clients needs, across a whole host of sectors, You can get a large amount of information and we can estimated your needs.