About Us

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft

Our web development agency.

Alquis was launched in 2013, is Bicester’s one of the first marketing agency helping local businesses establish their websites. From the begging with the first project given to us we’ve built strong online brand. Proving each time without remorse the success that our clients asked. It started as a team trying to built their own dream digital marketing agency. Among others Klara Founder of alquis states “Our aim is to deliver results, when we built this company we focused on quality work and not the place nor the big labels, honesty and quality work is what remains at the end of each day. Let’s not forget that the biggest concerts started from small towns”.

Our business values.

Alquis finds transparency very important in business relations. We only perform the organic way of promoting websites. We develop websites using opensource technologies. Both development and promoting processes that are collaborative and evolutionary.  Every customer has access to alquis web-based project management system. Access to our project data  and all of statistics at any point in time, will build an trustworthy relationship between client and us. We take our job seriously. Standing by those values we guarantee an beneficial and long lasting partnership.

Our web development services

Our experience in web development and marketing field is almost five years now. We are vary positive that our experience will bring the desirable results results throughout the development or marketing process. Successfully we establish a few online brands. The methods that we use to develop you web brand and organically grow is presence are very price competitive.

Web Design

We design beautifully mobile responsive websites. Sketching what you like, we care about website viability, accessibility, user experience, product presentation and content architecture.

Web Development

We manage a web development process collaboratively and evolutionary according to scrum methodology. We build bespoke websites on WordPress and we integrate them with other systems.

Website Support

Developing and maintaining WordPress websites doesn’t have to be a struggle! Get immediate, proactive, unbeatable support from a professional UK-based WordPress development agency.


Using the right words to represent your web brand to the public, by helping search engines capture and value of your website. Our SEO techniques will help search engines to position you website first in the search results.

Content marketing

Content marketing is using digital formats to present products and services to the audience. Our digital agency helps brands worldwide attract and engage customers and convert passive users into profitable customers.

Multilingual Websites

Developing and managing websites marketing that span multiple languages doesn’t have to be expensive! We have outstanding team of native English, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Polish web marketers.

Social Media

Social media is build on connections. You can hire us to establish and maintain positive relationship with your market. We will find your audience, adapt a content to it and deliver and start a conversation.

PPC Advertising

The paid search advertising allows you to drive traffic to generate leads and revenue from your website immediately. We can drive high performance PCC campaigns to archive goals at low costs.

Web Data Analysis

Data analysis helps the company to be aware of the brands exact positioning. By knowing that allows us to understand whether an aggressive or more conservative strategy is suited best and must be followed.

Our Promise to You.

As a team of dedicated professionals, we promise to provide you with a service that you won’t get anywhere else. Everything that we do is about digital marketing and web development. We specialize in web brand awareness, multilingual digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). With our help, you’ll attain impressive results and successfully grow your business online.

Let’s Work Together!

Every week, we provide a free and non-obligated consultancy to our potential clients. While collaborating on mutual ideas to respond to hugely diverse clients needs, across a whole host of sectors, You can get a large amount of information and we can estimated your needs.